24 September 2011

Building Tricopter with HobbyKing Quadcopter Board --- Unbox Pocket AVR Programmer

I am building a Tricopter and using HobbyKing Quadcopter Board by flashing the firmware with a Tricopter software.

This blog shows the unboxing the Pocket AVR Programmer which was purchased from Sparkfun.com. The programmer came with a 10-pin to 6-pin connector cable which will be used for connecting the board to the programmer.

The video below shows how to flash the HobbyKing Quadcopter Board.


  1. Hi, how do you flash HK board with it? I have it too but I do not know what SW should I use to upload new FW to the board. Thanks!

  2. I download this flash tool software and install it in your PC.

    Go to this website and follow the instruction.