24 October 2012

HobbyKing ASW 28 Glider Defect and review

This is a review of the ASW 28 glider from HobbyKing.

Overall, it is the worst plane I have ever bought. It is a defected plane. This seems to be a known issue for sometimes, but HobbyKing elects to ignoring it and continues to sell them. The worst is that HobbyKing ignores the responsibility of selling bad stuff.

I agree with getting what you pay for, but cheap products mean bad quality, unreliable or bad performance, but cheap products should not be defective and malfunctions.

I contacted HobbyKing and they asked me to ship it back in my own cost. It would cost me USD$90.00 to shipping it back. The plane cost USD$ 99.00. Would you pay the $90.00 to ship back which isn't your fault?

HobbyKing should take the responsibility for all deflective products, because we (customers) pay HobbyKing as a middle man to deal with Chinese manufactures. We pay HobbyKing to take the low cost manufacture risks. This means HobbyKing doesn't do their job right. They are taking advantage from cheap labors and low cost manufactures; they are also taking advantages from selling around the world without worries of any consumer law.


  1. sell it on Craigs list for $40, lick your wounds and drive on.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I might do that to get some money back.

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