30 December 2013

FPV Micro 5.8 GHz Video Transmitter

Building a Micro FPV pod.
Part list: 

Here are the parts:
5g camera5g camera
1000uF 16v Capacitor5V/5A UBEC
5.8gHz Transmitter ModuleL-C filter
5V/5A UBECPCB Bread Board

Here are the steps:

Solder the SMA elbow connector to the transmitter. (Make sure that the audio connection is NOT being connected to avoid interference.)

Build a cable with a 1000uF 16v Capacitor or a complete L-C filter and 5V/5A UBEC. The UBEC will output 5 VDC to camera and GPS. The filter is used for providing clean power from main battery if the motor and camera/transmitter are using the same battery. This is why I have the JST-XH parallel balance connector.

Solder the camera and the transmitter onto the board.

Here is everything connect together. It has GPS, OSD and battery with the cable and the camera/transmitter pod.

The picture below shows the connection without the GPS and OSD.  The cable is designed to work without those.


  1. Hi, thanks for the blog, i am just wondering why your osd has power connected from both sides of the filter? And why the osd connects to the gps? Is that the gps in the second from last picture? Should the video out from the camera not connect to the osd and then go to the video tx? What is the purpose of gps for fpv? Thanks. James

    1. One OSD connection is power and the other one is video to transmitter. I used red and black wires as I didn't have other wire color available at home.
      Yes, it is the GPS in the second from last picture.
      The GPS is for the onboard display. See my display arrangement here http://subsonichobby.blogspot.com/2012/12/fpv-success.html

  2. Oh, i take it that the gps shows your co-ordinates on the screen right? I don't see where you have connected the osd to the video tx?

    1. As mentioned above. The other wire connection is video. I should have used white color wires for video. Sorry for the confusion.

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