15 December 2012

DIY Clover Leaf Antenna

This post has a few quick snap shots of how I DIY Cloverleaf Antenna. Keep in mind that I am not here to reinvent the cloverleaf which created by IBCrazy. Please go here for the most accurate build instruction. This is just my very own build blog of this antenna.

Cloverleaf Antenna
  1. Cut 3 wires (I use AWG 14 or 2.082 mm^2 electrical wire, but the inventor of the cloverleaf antenna recommends 22 or 23 gauge) to same length that matches your video transmitter frequency. Mine is 5.8 GHz = 2.08” or 53mm.

Here is the overall wire length calculation:
In inches = 12088/frequency in MHz
Or in mm = 307022/frequency in MHz
    Cloverleaf wire

    2. Bend the 1/4 wavelength from the ends of each wire. Mine is 5.8GHz = 0.52" or 13mm.

    Here is the 1/4 wavelength wire length calculation for the ends of each wire: 
    Quarter wavelength in inches = 3021/frequency in MHz
    Or in mm = 76755/frequency in MHz

    3. Slowly bend the middle section to a "U" shape as shown in picture below.

    4. Bend the middle section until the ends close to each other as shown in picture below.

    5. Feed a little solder onto the ends.

    6.  Pre-build a jig for cloverleaf alignment. The jig should be at 45 degree angle in 120 degree apart.

    7. Put all 3 cloverleafs onto the jig as shown below. I use tape to secure the cloverleafs.

    8. Then I join the top wire ends by using feed solder.

    9. The shape of the cloverleaf antenna is formed.

    10. Now prepare a RG316 coax cable. (Got it very cheap from AliExpress)

    11. Remove the outer plastic sleeve of the cable and gently loosen the fine outer wire as shown.


    12.  Cut and remove the inner plastic sleeve and separate the inner and outer wires as shown. Separate the outer wires to 3 portions for soldering the 3 ends cloverleaf in later steps.

    13. Solder the inner wire to the top combined cloverleaf ends and solder the outer 3 wires to the bottom 3  cloverleaf ends as shown in the picture below.

    14. Here is the finish Cloverleaf Antenna.

    Clover Leaf Antenna
    Cloverleaf Antenna


    1. Can you please read my tutorial and update this? As the inventor of this antenna, I see many flaws.


      1. Thanks for the comment IBCrazy.

        Updated based on your tutorial.


    2. That wire gauge is way too thick. You need 22 or 23 gauge.

      1. Yes, I found this AWG 14 or 2.082 mm^2 electrical wire is way too difficult to bend.

        Would 22 or 23 gauge wire gives better range?

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