03 September 2012

DIY Inverted Vee Antenna for FPV - 900MHz

This is my DIY inverted V antenna building experiences. Hope you find this useful. You may also find this from Aliexpress for a cheap price.

Here is the final product......

Inverted Vee Antenna
Inverted Vee Antenna

Materials needed----

  • 12 AWG solid wire. It can be purchased from any local hardware store. It is a solid electrical wire. I bought 5 feet of it and it cost me US$1.50
  • A few tie wraps as needed. See pictures below.

  • Gino SMA Male to SMA Female Nut Bulkhead Crimp RG316 Coax Cable Jumper Pigtail 15cm. I bought it from here.

  • A mounting plate. I use a free paint stir from the hardware store. This cost me nothing. ;)

Dimensions ----

Solid wire lengths for both legs are:
  • Length in inches = 2715 divided by (frequency) MHz
  • Length in mm = 69200 divided by (frequency) MHz
  • 120 Degree angle apart
For my 900mHz FPV, I will have two 76.8mm or 3.01 inches in 120 degree apart.

Here are the steps:

Step1: Cutting two wire to dimensions mentioned above.

 Step2: Remove wire sleeves and straighten the wires.

Step3: Cut the MALE side of the SMA RG316 Coax Cable connector.
(Got it very cheap from AliExpress)

Step 4: Remove the outer plastic sleeve of the cable and gently loosen the fine outer wire as shown.


Step 5: Cut and remove the inner plastic sleeve and separate the inner and outer wires as shown.

Step6: In this picture, you should be able to see how I am going to put all these together by using tie wraps.  You might have different mounting method based on your FPV system setup, so the following steps might not apply to everyone.
Step7: Solder the wires to the cable.

Final step: Tie wrap the cable and wires with the paint stir at 120 degree apart as shown.


  1. Thank you so much for the very well explained and simple build diagrams.
    Top Job and much gratitude.
    JC in Auz

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