15 February 2015

Drone - 250 Quadcopter Emax Nighthawk QAV

First, this QAV250 Quadcopter frame is not from Emax nor NightHawk . I used those names in the title is because people can search to this easier. I bought this from AliExpress. Here is the link to it and search for QAV 250.

I had the maiden flight, and it performed very well. Both the motors and ESCs got a little warm but acceptable. Not sure it was because of the props that drew too much current. Overall I am happy with the performance and the plastic motors.

To see how I made the Micro FPV setup click here.

Nighthawk QAV 250
EMAX Nighthawk QAV 250
Carbon Fiber QAV250 Frame Parts
First I check and see if they are real carbon fiber. Carbon Fiber has a low electrical conductivity, which in principle allows a quality check using the eddy current testing methods, so I just simply use my multimeter to check the thickness sides for any conductivity.
Before the conductivity test
The test result confirms that it is real carbon fiber frame.
Conductivity test shows they are real carbon fiber
The arm thickness is almost 4mm. Not bad for the price and size of the frame.
Arms thickess
For this QAV250, I use EMAX PM1806-2300Kv Brushless motors that are made out of glass reinforced plastics for the casting. This is a new technology and it says this is the first plastic materials used in motors. Lets see how this will perform.
EMAX PM1806-2300Kv Brushless motors
Each motors comes with 3 sets of mounting screw in different sizes. I used the middle ones as the arm thickness is only about 4mm.
Motor Mounting Screws
Motors and arms assembled
The screws came with the frame that connect the arms and ESC mounting plate are not long enough to allow ESCs to be mounted between the mounting plate and the main plate. Therefore, I bought longer screws. The longer screws are M3 x 16mm long. The picture below shows the different screws lengths.
The short one comes with the frame. Long one is what I bought.
I use HobbyKing 12A ESC BlueSeries Brushless Speed Controller
Power distribution
Since I am not planning to solder any connection pins between the motors and ESCs, I will have to soldering all wires together. Therefore, I need to test each motors spinning direction.

I found out that the12A ESC get warm when I went full throttle. Hope I picked the right ones for ESCs.
Motor spinning direction test setup
ESCs connected to motors.
ESCs soldered
EMAX Nighthawk QAV 250 Top View
EMAX Nighthawk QAV 250 Top View
EMAX Nighthawk QAV 250 Bottom View
EMAX Nighthawk QAV 250 - Soldered Power Distributions
 The props are 5x4.5 three blade.
EMAX Nighthawk QAV 250
EMAX Nighthawk QAV 250
More to come.....

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