03 November 2014

MultiWii GPS with I2C Setup

For the GPS
  1. Download UBLOX program here. Then  
  2. Download the I2C_GPS_NAV v2.2 from here.
  3. Copy the u-blox-config-ublox txt file to somewhere in your computer.
  4. Open the UBLOX program (u-center) then go to Tool >GPS Configuration
  5. Upload the txt file from step 3 to the GPS by go to Tools tap and load the txt file and upload the txt file. Make sure to check the "store in non violatile memory" box.
  6. Also go to View Configuration View and go to Rate then set to 200ms and 5Hz.
  7.  Go to Receiver tap and go Action then Save Config.
  8. Then configure the GPS to UBLOX Protocol 115,200 baud under Receiver tap. You should see the GPS data start to show on the screen.

For the I2C Board Config
  1. Download the I2C_GPS_NAV v2.2 from here.  Same file as in GPS section.
  2. Change the sketch in Config.h to #define GPS_SERIAL_SPEED 115200C via Arduino program and load the INO file.
  3. Comment out the next line //define NO6 .....
  4. Define #define UBLOX 
  5. Upload the sketch via board type of Arduino Nano w/ATmega328

For the MultiWii board config in MultiWii v2.3

See my other MultiWii board basic setup here.
  1. Define #define GPS_BAUD 115200
  2. Define #define UBLOX
  3. Define #define I2C_GPS
Note: 3 fresh LED in I2C board means the GPS is logged with satellites and talking with each other.

Put it all together with MWC board

I didn't connect the I2C board to the GPS connection in multiwii board. I connect the I2C to the OLED as shown.


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